100WC week #22

here is the 100wc…

We parked the car and you could tell the airline people swept the car park. “yellow American express airplane is taking of in 23 minutes” I slowly got out of the airline reception chair. I lined up and walked onto the plain. I sat down and opened my computer and watched Netflix. The airline waitress came around and gave me an ice-cream, I had eaten it in one second, but something wasn’t right. My lips started to tingle and I was dozing out my mum screamed for help the plain stopped and turned around for emergency. They made me take weird tablets, I blacked out and…

here is the goal…

today in my 100 word challenge I wanted to include quotation marks and be reading from the charectars perspective. I think that I used this well but could have included more quotation marks.

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  1. luca2013 at |

    Hello Tara I liked how in your story you set the scene of where your character is by putting in the loud speaker in the airport. You followed your goal and I agree with you on how you could use more quotation marks. You can improve on checking your work and nding your story.

  2. sammyelgarhey at |

    I really liked your story but one thing to work on would be to start off right in the problem becuase in the start i found a bit uninteresting and i wouldve like you to go more into the problem becuase it seemed really interesting.


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