Another Sad Day By Tara Ecob- narrative

I always imagined what it would be like to lose someone as close as your grandmother. Misery, sadness and disbelief, Only. The cemetery was filled with many. Young and old. Every time I would have peered around I would see either another version of my grandmother or a sea of black. “DING DING”. The bells rang we slowly made our way to the family hall. Once we arrived at the hall we gathered our food and celebrated. We would celebrate a new beginning.

My grandmother was the closest thing to me. When I was two my mum and dad passed in a car crash. I was devastated but they never really noticed I was there, after they passed my grandmother took on the role as my parental guardian. My grandmother loved me like no one else. Losing her was like bulldozing a 10-million-dollar house, but she could never be rebuilt.

I got home and cuddled up to my grandfather sobbing. He was as devastated as I was. My grandparents loved each other not even to the universe, but further. I slowly made my way to my bedroom, With a wet red face and a black velvet dress on. I got into bed and tried to fall asleep. Every time I tried to fall asleep my phone would buzz. I would get phone calls and text messages from people asking if I was ok. I did not want to go out anywhere or see anyone. I felt isolated and comfortless. Nothing made any sense. Life seemed so hard. Every time I moved my body would scream inside.

I finally found myself moving on. I had eventually let go and ignored the sick pain. But not another day goes by were I wish I could see her once more.

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  1. prapti2017 at |

    what a nice story but the middle bit was very sad.


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