100wc week 29

I was at my cousin’s house and we were about to make a video on her YouTube Chanel. “hey guys and welcome back to my Chanel today I am joined with my cousin Amanda” we were going to make slime. We poured in the glue, shaving cream, food dye and borax. It made green slime I put it in my hand, the slime dripped through my fingers. Seconds later it attacked my cousins face. Luckily we had leftover borax to bring it back in the ball. My cousin rolled it up and grabbed her bat and hit it into the suckles stadium she hated slime now.

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  1. babatsikoscl at |

    Hi Tara,
    I liked how you described the parts in the story really clearly,
    you maybe could use a more exciting introduction eg
    “Hey guys welcome back to my channel”
    That’s a bit more exciting.
    I also liked how you told us the ingredients.`
    Keep up the great work


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