Term 2 Topic Reflection- The Trilling Frog


In term 2 our topic was Australian desert adaptations we were told we were doing a project about an animal/plant that lives in the Australian desert. In this project we had a list of what we needed, including a diagram and PowerPoint presentation. The main thing we had to include in our project is some adaptions that our animal had and how that helps. We worked in partners and had to present the presentation at the end of the term. But this time the teachers left it all up to us, not giving any help only saying what we needed, which was a model, diagram, experiment and PowerPoint. My partner and I got the Trilling frog as our animal which we found had many adaptations.

Here are some things that I learnt from the project and my thoughts and feelings about it:

This helped me become more comfortable with public speaking. It also improved my reading skills. I find it difficult to stand in front of big crowd without nervous. I also found that I got to share my knowledge and step up as a year six to my partner who is a year five. I found that we worked really well together and that the roles were shared very well.

3 facts I found interesting or surprising:

I found out that one of the Trilling frog’s adaptations was having a thick layer of leather like skin to slow down heating process. The Trilling frog is commonly compare to the borrowing frog. I found out that another one of their adaptations is having white under their stomach to help with the camouflage as they do need to because of predators include loading snakes and other large species


I know understand why desert animals have so many adaptations because it is such a harsh environment to live in, the Trilling Frog is an opportunistic animal and predator and the Trilling Frog has so many adaptations related to camouflage because they need this being a small target for snakes, fox, cats, dogs, birds and Lizards.


How do the Trilling Frog’s other adaptations help them to adjust to the hot desert environment?

What is the life span of The Trilling Frog and what may cause early death?

Does the Trilling Frog have any predators that are smaller than the and if so what are they?


How did I learn it:

Before we started the project me and my partner Elio looked at the rubric and ruled out who was going to do what We used all the resources we could find including books and websites.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt:

I can take my knowledge that I have learnt with this project as a guidance tool for high school if I am ever doing something related to this project. Not just about an animal but also about anything else.


In conclusion I believe I worked very well with my partner and we split the roles evenly. I achieved many goals during this term including my confidence and leadership. I think that this helped with leadership because my partner was a year five so it meant I could pass on my knowledge and guide him with the presentation aswell.

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    Awesome Tara I was proud of you the
    moment I read that!!!

    Great job Tara!!!

    From Nikita


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